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Jack Chapman – Read Your Mind

Jack Chapman, country-rock artisan and craftsman of late-night grooves has taken his cues from acts as diverse as Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer and D’Angelo! The [...]

Tha Ashes – Say When

Say When is the latest single from Tha Ashes. Tha Ashes front man Ashanti started playing with words at the age of 11. His music is melting pot of genres.“My niche is my [...]

ShaoDow – DropKick Man

Recent winner of the AIM 2017 Music Award’s Hardest Working Artist and hailed as ‘one of the hardest working rappers’ in the industry by BBC 1Xtra’s DJ [...]

Philippa Hanna – Off the Wagon

Philippa Hanna is returning to the spotlight with her brand new album ‘Come Back Fighting’ Her first single & video from the album ‘Off The Wagon’ will kick off [...]

The New Faith – Fritter Away

The new single Fritter Away’ is written as a letter to my nephew to warn him of the future and what happens as you get older; the transition between youth and adulthood and [...]

JD Kelleher – Avenge The Maybes

Gay London-based Irish rocker. Avenge The Maybes is about taking advantage of the time we have left to fuck the begrudgers and recommit to following our dreams. [...]