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Artist to Watch: GNRA

GNRA 2016 proved to be an interesting year for music. As we expand more on digital platforms, it becomes far too easy to completely ignore the radio and stream the music that [...]


Los Angeles, CA — Jake&Papa circle right back around after dropping their Tattoos&Blues EP through Priority Records with a new self-directed video & [...]

.shea – Butter

There is no info out on him right now but what we do know is his music is already amazing. He has released his debut project BUTTER , and we already can’t get enough. He [...]

Addybros – Never give up

It’s a motivation to never stop achieving to mever stop fighting for your goal. Twitter Addy2k04 Facebook Addy2kmusic Instagram addybros [...]

J U S T Y – Soul Food

The title track “Soul Food,” advances this sort of engagement as we find ourselves easily “bored” of a particular situation, not because we constantly [...]

J U S T Y – Love Letter

Justy’s mini project “SOUL FOOD” ends with “Love Letter,” the final acceptance, an omission of being in love, as scary as that might be, [...]

Ken Blvd – Rollin’

I’m an indie artist working hard to expand my music across the world. [...]

Jamie Light – Lies

UK SINGER JAMIE LIGHT SHARES DEBUT SINGLE “LIES” Emerging UK singer Jamie Light is proud to unveil debut single “Lies”, released independently via his own label, [...]