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J U S T Y – You/Me/Them

“You/Me/ &Them” serves as a quirky alt-pop track that explores the dynamics of relationships beyond the two engaging individuals. Twitter @justysmusic IG: [...]

R E L – Consciousness

R E L is the musical project of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Arielle Sitrick. Her music radiates emotion, embodying what she calls ​EVOCA-​POP™, etymologically [...]

Sam Valdez – It’s Alright

Sam Valdez is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, whose music is built upon the fusion of shoegaze and vintage Americana indie folk. Embodying the best of both genres, [...]

By An Ion – Autre Vie

I would love you to hear the new single from By An Ion, a Los Angeles based electro synth duo, which was just released. Entitled ‘Autre Vie’ the single features [...]

Denora – Forever

Denora Vivace is international artist, Sax-Diva, who burns the dancefloor of nightclubs from Moscow to Monaco, from China to Dubai. This beautiful blond girl performs as [...]

Joffery Hollworth – Zoo Kingdom

I have a really eclectic taste and I love to mix elements of different genres together, but I work predominantly in HipHop. Basically, if Outkast and Gorillaz had a baby, [...]

Need To Know | Klez

Klez Sound x 3 Records is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release of ‘Old Soul New World’ by California neo soul and indie pop writer and recording [...]

Need To Know | Dutch Party

Dutch Party Originally hailing from Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Ken Franklin started writing and recording music after he discovered a recording booth in a small closet [...]

Cherie Rain – The Haunted House

Cherie Rain (Karine Catenacci) is a singer/songwriter, multi-genre composer/arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, residing in Queens, NY and working on releasing her upcoming [...]