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Yung Mel – Run it up

Im a rapper from brooklyn name YungMel who’s a mixtape coming soon about young black man getting money this song im presenten to u is my first single off it call run it [...]

Emrich – The Juice

Meet Daltyn Emrich A.K.A. Emrich: The career driven 24 year old is a rapper/engineer, who methodology has been compared to artist like Mac Miller, Rittz, and Jarren Benton. [...]

D-Eazy – The Wave

D-Eazy “The beat is my canvas and I get to paint my best version of a masterpiece…” When D-Eazy takes the mic, the pictures he creates come from real life. His brand of [...]

Smartboy – Addictive

Recording Artist/Beat Maker at Baby King Entertainment Sound/Stage Engineer Song is recorded/mixed/mastered by Edison Utale Tweets by Smartboy_Faith [...]

Bry – I Got

Here’s an upcoming song from my debut mixtape I Wanna Go Home.. I’m a new artist from Dallas hoping to generate a buzz by being original.. Hopefully you enjoy, [...]

JUICEB☮X – Bon Voyager

JUICEB☮️X. a beverage to some; replenishment for all. raised in the forest and shaped by the city, he drifts thru the night aiming to bring light to the shadows of the [...]