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Cherie Rain – The Haunted House

Cherie Rain (Karine Catenacci) is a singer/songwriter, multi-genre composer/arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, residing in Queens, NY and working on releasing her upcoming [...]

Kim Smith – Smith & Brown

Australian singer-songwriter Kim Smith has done it again. Smith & Brown, the second single from her debut CD ‘Thunder Run’, might just be the catchiest, [...]

Between Pam and Cynthia Interview

Between Pam and Cynthia Between Pam and Cynthia is an acoustic indie rock duo based out of Newark, NJ. These two girls’ music is warm, sincere, and highly skilled. [...]

Aprilann – Crown & the Girls

Aprilann is a fearless and dynamic live performer who captivates audiences with her original songs. Her latest release, “Crown and the Girls” demonstrates her [...]

Hitch Burney – Ice Creem

I’m hitch burney a musician from buffalo ny. I’m currently working on a tape called QUEEN to capture the culture in the most sincere and unbiased way I could. The [...]


We’re STATIC, a music group from Atlanta. Our track “Mine” is off our new Ep NEOCLASSIC. twitter – @STATICatl soundcloud [...]

Ekat Bork – FEAR

Ekat Bork is incredibly STRONG. She is physically powerful, willfully relentless, utterly determined. From the day she stole the money to escape her grey Siberian life and [...]