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You Need to Know | INANET JAMES

Innanet James Innanet James has revived my attention with his newly released song called “Summer (The Kount Remix)”. This song is a showcase of Innanet James’ [...]

You Need to Know | TWIN WAVE

There’s an 80’s resurgence happening right now and Brooklyn’s Twin Wave is leading the way. Earlier this week, Twin Wave released their new track titled “Matador” [...]

You Need to Know | YOKE LORE

Brooklyn’s Adrian Galvin has a new project called Yoke Lore. Galvin is already part of Yellerkin and POOR REMY, Yoke Lore is already portraying a much deeper side to [...]

You Need to Know | THE PLASTICS

  The Plastics are a Psychedelic Indie Pop band from Cape Town, South Africa who began in 2008 as an evolution of the punk band, Hoax. It’s now its own thing [...]

You Need to Know |CLUB KURU

‘ku·ru’ – an incurable neurological disorder transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism. Club Kuru is Bristol, UK born musician [...]

You Kneed to Know | Indigo King

New York based psych-rock band Indigo King celebrated a victory at a local Battle of the Bands competition, winning a slot on the main stage of the Pleasantville Music [...]

You Need to Know | FOXTRAX

Foxtrax is a band from New York formed in early 2015. Consisting of members Ben Schneid, Jon Stenz and Jared Stenz, the band blends elements of classic rock with new modern [...]

You Need to Know |HAZEL ENGLISH

Hazel English, an Australian singer based in Oakland, came to my attention with the release of her song “It’s Not Real”, which is an “ode to staying geniune,” and [...]

You Need to Know | WE ARE CHARLIE

Lourens Smit Photography When it comes to discovering new music, South Africa has recently received our attention. Pretoria’s We Are Charlie is made up of Dylan Christie [...]