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Need To Know | Dutch Party

Dutch Party Originally hailing from Twin Peaks in San Francisco, Ken Franklin started writing and recording music after he discovered a recording booth in a small closet [...]

Need To Know | Julian Borrego

Julian Borrego Meet Julian Borrego, a sought after multi-instrumentalist, Los Angeles based producer and singer-songwriter. Hailing from an extensive musical family with a [...]

Artist to Watch: GNRA

GNRA 2016 proved to be an interesting year for music. As we expand more on digital platforms, it becomes far too easy to completely ignore the radio and stream the music that [...]

Need To Know | Stevie Stone‬

Stevie Stone‬ St. Louis, MO – Strange Music signee ‪Stevie Stone‬ recently dropped “Whippin’ Up,” the first single from his fifth studio album, [...]

Need To Know | Tyson Crookmind

Tyson Crookmind Los Angeles, CA – Putting in work is natural for Los Angeles rapper Tyson Crookmind. Born and raised in the infamous streets of South Central, Tyson, also [...]

Between Pam and Cynthia Interview

Between Pam and Cynthia Between Pam and Cynthia is an acoustic indie rock duo based out of Newark, NJ. These two girls’ music is warm, sincere, and highly skilled. [...]

Are Paramore’s Hard Times Over?

Are Paramore’s Hard Times Over? Unlike many bands that emerged from the pop-punk scene that ran rampant in 2007, Paramore went from Vans Warped Tour to winning a [...]

VISTA – Long Live

VISTA VISTA combine classic anthem rock with pop elements to create a refreshing take on the genre. VISTA as a band is something frontwoman Hope Vista had imagined for close [...]

East of Eli – Childs Play

East of Eli (aka Nathan West) is debuting the first single from his sophomore album Lost Transmission on Valentine’s Day in honor of his wife famed actress Chyler Leigh [...]