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Ollie Gabriel – Running Man

Ollie Gabriel OLLIE GABRIEL is spearheading a new soul movement. Having cracked the code for an authentic catchy sound, paired with meaningful and relatable lyricism, Ollie [...]

Riley Smith – I’m On Fire

Riley Smith Riley Smith vocals and songwriting stunningly blend country rock, hard-hitting soulful Americana and modern pop for a sound rarely found in music today. No secret [...]

Haneri – Burning Up

Haneri Formerly known as Daphne Khoo, Haneri is a pop artist based in LA & Singapore. In 2004, she burst onto the scene as the 3rd runner up on hit reality show, [...]

Matt Koelsch – Perfectly Aligned

Matt Koelsch A passionate and thoughtful singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch [‘kel-sh’] has built his musical career around stirring lyrics, percolating rhythms, and [...]

SAM CLARK – Out Of Reach

SAM CLARK Meet captivating, pop singer-songwriter Sam Clark. The Los Angeles based, Australian-born artist first rose to fame as an actor on the hit Australian TV program [...]

Need to Know | SNAKEHIPS

SNAKEHIPS Snakehips rapidly made their name with Hype Machine chart-topping remixes for Banks, The Weeknd, Bondax and Wild Belle. Earlier this year, the duo also released [...]

You Need to Know | INANET JAMES

Innanet James Innanet James has revived my attention with his newly released song called “Summer (The Kount Remix)”. This song is a showcase of Innanet James’ [...]

You Need to Know | TWIN WAVE

Twin Wave There’s an 80’s resurgence happening right now and Brooklyn’s Twin Wave is leading the way. Earlier this week, Twin Wave released their new track titled [...]

You Need to Know | YOKE LORE

Yoke Lore Brooklyn’s Adrian Galvin has a new project called Yoke Lore. Galvin is already part of Yellerkin and POOR REMY, Yoke Lore is already portraying a much deeper side [...]

You Need to Know | THE PLASTICS

The Plastics   The Plastics are a Psychedelic Indie Pop band from Cape Town, South Africa who began in 2008 as an evolution of the punk band, Hoax. It’s now its own [...]