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Kim Smith – Smith & Brown

Australian singer-songwriter Kim Smith has done it again. Smith & Brown, the second single from her debut CD ‘Thunder Run’, might just be the catchiest, cheekiest, toe-tapping song of 2017!
The song was written in dedication to Sammy Brown, a close family friend who helped Kim master the art of cheekiness. A country boy who earned his way by cutting railway sleepers on a remote property in outback Australia, Sammy Brown didn’t mind a good tune & could often be found dancing in the paddocks.
“Sammy Brown & his family loved music, and were a great influence on my music career,” says Kim. “I remember him teaching me to drive trucks in paddocks during my childhood, music blaring and the constant flow of laughter. It was always great fun.”
Laughing while reminiscing, Kim says, “Sammy & his family were so rowdy and cheeky! They’d always be doing silly things and getting up to mischief. Sammy didn’t care. Making sure those around him were happy and having fun was his priority.”
“If Sammy were here today, he would be dancing through town to this song, not giving a damn what the locals thought. I can picture it so clearly.”
“I wanted to do a silly, fun & cheeky clip for the song, and I think I’ve achieved that. It’s one of those clips that all ages can enjoy, just like the song.”
The Smith & Brown clip can be viewed on the Kim Smith website at: & can be purhased at:
THUNDER RUN EP was recorded and mixed at MusicPro studios by producer Paul-I and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London.

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