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Artist to Watch: GNRA


2016 proved to be an interesting year for music. As we expand more on digital platforms, it becomes far too easy to completely ignore the radio and stream the music that you want to hear. Every now and then, a rather irresistible song debuts, and reminds you why mainstream isn’t so bad, and you should stop being such a damn hipster.

Rihanna’s “Work,” was that song. From the island vibes to the catchy chorus, it was easy to see how it catapulted to the top of billboard, and stayed there for more than a few weeks.

I expected an influx of imitations heading into 2017, and almost immediately avoided pop radio once ANTI reached full swing. Although, “Work” did show me that I was neglected a whole style of music, I didn’t expect to find any artists who could make such music without becoming repetitive.

GNRA did an amazing job at shutting me up.

In a field of singers who want to be rappers, and rappers who want to attempt to be singers, GNRA treads a very cultivated line. It’s honestly exciting to say that I haven’t heard anything like it. I haven’t heard a chorus that wasn’t catchy, and his music is as thought out as his lyrics. Be it a dance floor, a house party, or a quick walk through campus, I have yet to skip “Be mine (Gyal)” when it comes through my playlist. I also haven’t been able to not repeat it as least five times. Check it out below.

The level of production, both visual and musically, is refreshing and sensible. The music videos for his current two tracks compliment their respective singles. “I won’t leave,” GNRA’s other current single, offers slowed-down pace while still capturing the catchy rhythm that artists don’t can’t just pick up easy. His singing is already refined. The music is good, which is a compliment don’t have the pleasure of receiving.

The only thing holding GNRA back, if anything, is time. A seemingly new artist of this caliber won’t be able to be unknown for long.

After thinking long and hard, and for sake of comparison, he’s much like Lordé. Not in terms of sound, but in terms of work ethic, and hopefully, career trajectory. With an new sound that is as refreshing as it is catchy, GNRA is in a lane perfectly carved out for himself.

Check out another one of his singles, “I Won’t Leave,” below, and be sure to follow GNRA on TwitterInstagram, and like his FaceBook page. If you’re really feeling the music, be sure to also pre-order his upcoming EP, titled “Heartlines.”

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