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Zeekapten – MPLPO

Alford Alexandre Chandler Amicy known as Zeekapten is a Haitian rapper on his way to make a lasting impact in the music industry. After falling in love with hip hop creole in 2007 through number one Haitian hip hop Creole Group, known as Barikad Crew; Zeekapten met his mentor Anonymous, whom encouraged him to pursue his dream as an artist. In, 2015 MadMen Records’ manager/CEO, Anonymousproposed a deal to Zeekapten, which he quickly jumped on and accepted. Zeekapten first official single is “Pa Janm Bliye” (Never Forget) Ft. Triple A who is zeekapten’s younger brother. After the success of “Pa Janm Bliye,” Zeekapten continues to work with MadMen Records as they produce him even though he is an independent artist and is not sign with Madmen Records. Now Zeekapten is located in North Carolina, America; where he continues to make music for Haitians and the rest of the world.

This video is an energetic video focused on artists’ performances. It showcases artists having fun whilst rapping and singing about the love of their lives. While it is simple it also captures the beauty of the song through vivid visuals. Shot in Tampa, Florida, the video is sunny and stages a colorful environment that perfectly fit the spirit of the song.

Facebook: Zeekapten
IG: Zeekapten
Snapchat: zeekapten

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