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Innanet James

Innanet James

Innanet James has revived my attention with his newly released song called “Summer (The Kount Remix)”. This song is a showcase of Innanet James’ creativity with word play with such agile flow. Innanet James and Toronto producer The Kount, bringing together amazing talent that only takes just one listen to be hooked for good.

James career is just getting started with grassroots success, his music spreading more and more each day. This success is the dividends of years of hard work and also change, resulting in valauble skill and knowledge. This is an artist you’ll want to stick around for.

Current Location: Washington D.C.

Genre: Hip-Hop / Electronic


James grew up moving around the DMV with a father who played congo in local go-go bands, naturally his house was flooded with music. From Aretha Franklin to Amy Winehouse to Nas, music was always in the air with his father’s favorite, Wu-Tang Clan, always in rotation. “I knew the words to ‘CREAM’ before I could even speak,” James laughed. “I think Raekwon taught me my first words.” – DJBooth

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