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You Need to Know |CLUB KURU

Club Kuru

‘ku·ru’ – an incurable neurological disorder transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism.

Club Kuru is Bristol, UK born musician Laurie Erskine, a classically trained pianist who switched his jazz roots for the illusive music production life. Loss of direction saw Erskine throw away a complete unreleased jazz album and begin to pave the path for a new creative journey. Completely self-taught in the art of singing, Erskine has managed to release some incredibly catchy music catapulting Club Kuru into the public eye as a rising talent.

Club Muru released ‘Not For Me’ on their SoundCloud this past week. This is a a super chill track that features beachy guitar riffs and precise drumming, the song is a perfect mix of modern production techniques with soothing melodies and classic sounds driving just in time for summer.


Club Kuru’s latest offering the ‘Layla’ EP is a progression from the trademark, retro-feeling “languid R&B”, of which his debut was branded. The use of analog synths and guitars reside alongside a modern take on slow hip-hop beats and classic jazz harmony, infused with bespoke production styles. ‘Layla’ is a pop record built atop a foundation of structural and harmonic complexity, full of meaning, and deserving of time spent getting to know.

The EP’s title track ‘Layla’ premiered on Line of Best Fit, who said “there’s something here you can’t ignore”. Art direction comes courtesy of critically acclaimed and award-winning avant-garde art director Jonathan Baron.




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