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You Need to Know | FOXTRAX


Foxtrax is a band from New York formed in early 2015. Consisting of members Ben Schneid, Jon Stenz and Jared Stenz, the band blends elements of classic rock with new modern indie pop to forge a unique sound that’s both raw and catchy.

Foxtrax is the combination of prior projects Ben Schneid and The Brothers Stenz. All three members grew up in Oceanside, NY and went to high school together. Ben Schneid played as a solo artist while attending Cornell University. Booking gigs at venues around campus and in NYC, he dazzled crowds with his talented blues and soul grooves and unique on-stage antics. The Brothers Stenz consisted of Jared and Jon Stenz. The band formed while attending Syracuse University and was a cornerstone of the Syracuse University house party scene. They impressed crowds with their raw and emotional songwriting and unique live shows.

After graduation, Ben, Jared and Jon came together to form Foxtrax with the goal of writing music that stays true to their classic rock roots, but still reaches for unique arrangements and tones.

Foxtrax’ wrote, recorded, produced and mixed their debut LP Everything is Anywhere together at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Murphy, North Carolina.



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