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Hazel English, an Australian singer based in Oakland, came to my attention with the release of her song “It’s Not Real”, which is an “ode to staying geniune,” and Hazel’s warm, reassuring vocals are once again accompanied by a host of angelic guitars. She creates bittersweet melodies, and the resulting sound is a perfect soundtrack for the warm nights of summer. The sound of old-school indie-pop gives a nostalgic glowing feeling when listening to each track.

The playful pop sensibilities that exude from each musical bar in the track are enthralling and refuse to cease throughout the entirety of the timely springtime gem. With fellow Oakland artist Day Wave also killing it of late, it seems that the indie-pop scene is continuing to flourish in this Californian city. The musicians met at English’s day job and the collaboration started after she played  Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) her sensuous, home recorded pop tracks, including a rough version of debut single, “Never Going Home” (streaming). Since the release of that hazy track the duo released a series of well produced, simple dream pop gems that are a promising foreshadow to her (not yet announced) debut LP. Oakland is an enabling environment for any young artist, surely, and Hazel English is one that you should keep a close eye on.

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