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You Need to Know | OPUS ORANGE


Today was the first time I’ve ever heard music from Opus Orange. How could I have missed these guys? While skimming through music on my computer, I came across their song ‘Not Ready’. I then put on my headphones to really get an even more good take on what I was hearing. This song is so new, different and catchy. I’ve listed to it nearly 20 times by now. This all happened within the last hour. Check out ‘Not Ready’ below!
You can get “Not Ready” on Opus Orange’s new album titled Anatomic HERE!
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“Natural rhythms, hammered piano harmonics, acoustic guitar, noisy electric guitar, buzzy synths, infectious pop melodies, and group vocals make up the memorable indie-pop sound of Opus Orange’s latest Balance EP.


Formed in 2010, the Santa Monica band has grown to six members, with Paul Bessenbacher (PB) at the helm. PB’s multi-faceted music taste is perhaps reflected in the band’s name – “Opus” is a reference to Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu, Opus 66, and “Orange” is a reference to Charles Mingus’ Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress. From the ukulele songs on their self-titled EP (2010) to their expansive film score for the full-length documentary “Mile… Mile & A Half” (2013) – and now with the Balance EP (2014), OO has continued to evolve their sonic palette with every release.

Regarding the Balance EP, PB explains, “Balance is a constant issue in life. Connection with misconnection. Control with lack of control. Light with dark. Life with death. Push with pull.”  

PB – guitar, vocals
Lauren Hillman – synth, vocals
Bernie Chadwick – electric guitar, vocals
Carlen Walth – bass, vocals
Piper Denney – percussion, vocals
James Neil – drums, vocals

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

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