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Metronomy is a band I’m sure a bunch of readers of Music Host Network are aware of. What you might not be aware is that Metronomy’s new album titled “Summer of 08” has been newly released on July 1. The official video for ‘Old Skool’ is Metronomy’s first video release so far. Directed by Dawn Shadforth, it captures a wild, ’70s-era house party. ‘Old Skool’ features mixing from Mix Master Mike of Beastie Boys. The song itself is very catchy and synth-based, which gives it a more electro dance vibe towards the end of the song.


Written and produced by Metronomy’s Joe Mount, Summer 08 is due for release July 1 on Because Music – is a concept album that takes a reflective look back to 2008 and the release of the band’s breakthrough album Nights Out.

“I wanted to make another record with the naivety of Nights Out: ten tracks, straight up, upbeat. Write another banger, then another, and don’t really think about it,” explains Mount.

Below is the full tracklist for ‘Summer 08’.

1. Back Together
2. Miami Logic
3. Old Skool (with Mixmaster Mike)
4. 16 Beat
5. Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
6. Mick Slow
7. My House
8. Night Owl
9. Love’s Not an Obstacle
10. Summer Jam

“I was living in East London in 2008 and felt like all this stuff was happening in the West end,” says Mount. “It’s nonsense really, but I felt it was this privileged end of town, all the musicians there had wealthy parents and were living in Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill.”   – Mount

Check out “Summer 2008” HERE!

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