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You Need to Know | ThisisDa


You can always count on ThisisDA for integrity. The Bristol rapper has been rapping on jazzy production from regular collaborator Mankub for years now, and he continues to carve his lane with rap that pays homage to the foundations while keeping his subject matter firmly rooted in the now. Bristol based Hip-hop musician known for harbouring an intensely captivating range of lyrical content marked by hints of vulnerability recently released his debut EP ‘Based Off Black’, which notably featured a verse from West-Coast Hip-hop veteran, Blu. Upon release, the tracklist was depicted by Complex Magazine as “an inward-looking masterpiece” and cemented ThisisDA as a forerunner within the burgeoning rap scene in England. Following support and praise from the likes of BBC Introducing, Noisey, and MOBOs; it’s fair to say the rapper has caught the attention of listeners and respected critics far and wide.

With his hard hitting, always sharp lyrics, ThisisDA effortlessly switches from rapping over classic beats to samples that are chalk full of trumpets and jazzy goodness, showcasing an originality that is bound to set him apart from others.

What are three things about British Hip Hop culture that Americans may not know?

Firstly, there isn’t really a cohesive culture here, just a lot of kids that rap. Secondly, we don’t look to Americans for inspiration as far as many are led to believe. There’s just as much going on here. Lastly, there’s a lot of variations of British rap. The media tend to place British rappers in one category, but there are too many variations for a simple generalization. – allhiphop

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