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VITNE – Nasty Habit [Rock]

Location: Norway

A word from the artist: Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Vitne grew up a child of the beach, a lover of the sea. A dreamer.

First introduced to music as a child by violin, at a young age he discovered a natural affection for the flute, sparking his interest for making music. Throughout his youth he enjoyed listening to the crooning and early rock n’ roll styles of Elvis Presley and was captivated by the music videos and live electricity of Michael Jackson, his first forays into popular music. Into high school he began teaching himself bass and guitar, forming a number of bands, each making a small mark on the local scene, but he always strove for more. It was during this time he discovered the heavy rock of the 80s.

Fascinated by the image and attitude, Vitne soon developed a deep appreciation for American glam (or “hair”) metal as well as Japanese rock and visual kei, influences that can certainly be heard and seen in his own work. Bands like Mötley Crüe, Kiss and X Japan have consistently been heavy influences over the years, especially solo artists Billy Idol and Gackt.

December 3rd 2013, Vitne released his debut solo album entitled ‘Neon’, a reflection of his greatest musical influences. The album was recorded in multiple countries (Norway, USA and France) over the period of 6 months. ‘Neon’ was mixed by Matthew Sean Reynolds and mastered at Tokyo CD Center by Takanori Yamaguchi and is supported by multiple music videos including ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Silhouette’, with the third video “Nasty Habit” released on New Year’s Day 2014.


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