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Austin Wender – Winter Song [Alternative, Acoustic]

Location: NYC

A word from the artist: It would be almost too easy to dismiss Austin Wender as yet another 20-something hipster-ish singer-songwriter. To do so however, would be cheating yourself of the chance to experience his unique perspective.

A native NYer, Austin was born into and raised in the music industry. Despite his family’s musical pedigree, it wasn’t until the bass player in his older brother’s band quit that Austin picked up an instrument. “You’re a Wender,” he was told, “you should play something.”

The discipline & quiet determination Austin employed to teach himself to play the bass, and later the guitar, is evident in an ever growing catalog of songs. Following in the tradition of some of music’s most influential songwriters, Austin’s songs cut across a myriad of life’s experiences. Never knowing where his inspiration will come from, and a lifelong people-watcher, Austin sees his music as an opportunity to tell stories that everyone can relate to — from the high & lows of winter to falling in & out of love. If you listen carefully, you will hear fragments of Austin’s journeys and how they have contributed to his distinctive outlook on life.

“Working with Austin’s style is brand new for me,” says his producer, Dan “Dan The Man” Humiston, “but I already know he’s a stand-out.” Austin’s in-depth knowledge of music, as well as his willingness to learn, is a dream for his production team. The creative process is an organic one and the results have been dynamic. “Sometimes you can pinpoint when an artist has just written their best song,” says Dan, “but I feel like every new song Austin comes up with is the best song he ever wrote.

“This is more than just music. This is art. It’s mine.”

Links: Facebook;austinwendermusic twitter;@austinwender, soundcloud:austinwendermusic, reverbnation:Austinwender,


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