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Exodia – “Wicked Seed” Official Lyric Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Valencia, Spain

Artist Biography: EXODIA is a Thrash Metal band with an interesting career behind him and bounde in the scene, formed with experienced musicians from Valencia and good friends together.

EXODIA formed in 2007, having very clear ideas about what they want to do, Thrash Metal energetic but giving a personal touch that makes a clearly recognizable and unique band in the scene, mixing influences from all kinds of Thrash, from Megadeth to Overkill, passing through Testament, Slayer …. and that’s how the band sounds, like all that band toghether, but only like themselves, certainly EXODIA not leave you indifferent and its staging is one of the strongest that can be found in the scene, being able to move people anywhere they go .

All these factors together carried EXODIA to be one of the most respected bands and consolidated in the metal scene, with over 100 concerts behind them as a band between different tours, concerts , festivals … and having played in the most important festivals of the country , such as the Resurrection Fest, Luarca Metal Fest , Metal Lorca, etc …

Also EXODIA can afford to put on his C.V. to have shared the stage with bands like Slayer , Lamb of God , Trivium , Overkill, Destruction , Evile , Korpiklaani , Criminal, Labirynth Angelus Apatrida , Crisix , Muro , etc. .. .

EXODIA just launched in JANUARY 2014 their second album called HELLBRINGER, album that was completely self-released by them, showing the big bet they do their work. The album was funded by crowdfunding campaign in which they raised € 1,400 for the contributions his public made to prebuy the album.

HELLBRINGER has received amazing reviews and definitely represents a turning point in the career of EXODIA, founding his sound 100% and having reflected unbeatable way to disc, gives them no doubt the final leap to become a band of first level.

EXODIA during their years of career has been sponsorized by different brands, obtaining a commercial support of people who believe in them , such as FERNANDES GUITARS , MOOER PEDALS , LIZSKO STRAPS , SATANIK DESIGN , MUTANT HOLE STRINGS , JIMY PICKS…

In short : EXODIA is a band that continues growing and not leave anyone indifferent in its path , taking a distinct charisma of other Thrash Metal bands .


Song Lyrics: You wake up startled by the noise of lightning
an impulse makes you get out of the bed
With the touch of a hand it´s hard to be guided
in the sanitarium

You run, heart racing
You run, heart pounding
trying to escape the dark prison
trying to escape eternal corridors

Your only friend is Mr. Rabbit
which drags on the floor, taken by the ears
stumble on stairs, hurting yourself
you’re afraid they smell your blood.

The sanitarium, is your prison, your sentence.
The sanitarium, will be your madness, your soul.
– The sanitarium, the sanitarium will kill the soul of a little girl.
In the sanitarium, in the sanitarium she will find evil within her soul.

You’re not an ordinary girl
You are the daughter of the shadows
You are the princess of the shadows and the shadows claim you.


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