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Weird Decibels – “Speak” Homemade Records

Artist city, country: Falkirk, Scotland

Artist Biography: Ok so we did a huddle, backstage of the ABC2 in Glasgow. It was a bit cliché but what the hell. We haven’t been together 19 years to start giving a f**k. We opened the door and walked on stage, my eyes took a minute to adjust to the lights. Beyond the darkness cheering grew, our listeners, our friends waited for the first chord. Derek signalled the beat, pounding the toms. Pabs picked the first tender notes, Stu then jumped in with a barrage of distortion, Greg hammered the bass. We threw off the weekday dust and brought in the weekend lust. Just as Pabs approached the mic he looked round. Derek, Stu and Greg looked back. A grin on every face. Pabs turned to the mic, said to the world. ‘I was told you worked, In mysterious ways’.

Director Name: Weird Decibels
Producer Name: Greg McSorley

About The Video: Recorded in our practice room. Edited and produced by our bass player Greg McSorley


Label Name: Homemade Records

Song Lyrics: Speak

G riff
Em F G

verse riff ( C Em G)

I was told you work, In mysterious ways
I learned you were liberal, with your selection
I’ve been gifted a life, with wonderful people
Why must you start, to take them from me?

G Riff———————————
Em F G
So speak to me
Let me hear what you say
Speak to me

You built this world, in alls it’s glory
You gave us greed, to strip it all away
But I hope you’re there, taking care
Offering refuge, for our weary souls

Em G F
So speak to me
Let me hear what you say
Speak to me
let me hear what you say————
middle 8
B flat, F C F #, B flat, F F#
solo Em F G
G riff


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