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Evestus – Voices [Electronic, Industrial, Rock]

Location: Estonia

A word from the artist: EVESTUS is both an electro-industrial rock band from Estonia, and the name of the band’s founding member and frontman.

“Evestus is a tenacious, brazened and talented composer. You will be dazzled by his originality, overwhelmed by his mystery, and mesmerized by his musical diversity” (Cyrus Rhodes,

Evestus’ often distorted vocals are accompanied by massive bass-lines and broken beats tied together with grinding synths, sizzling guitars and orchestrated backdrops making an electro-industrial rock band that has been noted for it’s aggressive and theatrical live performances and unique approach toward songwriting, “bringing to the table a lot of musical variety and a lot of unpredictability” (Cyrus Rhodes, Evestus straddles a wide range of genres, “creating music that is as aggressive as it is accessible, full of
malevolence as well as melody” (Re:Gen Mag).

MTV Baltics perhaps said it best, describing Evestus’ sound as
“Symphonic Orchestra scoring a fight between Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy.”



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