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The band NO

After meeting Bono of U2 at The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in 2010 the four Jarzabek brothers Tim, Mike, Nick and Justin weren’t hesitant to pass the famed singer a demo CD of their album Meet Me After Dark. Recorded at the groups one bedroom apartment on Vine in Hollywood with only eight tracks, the pop/rock demo soon paved the way for the brothers future which would (unknown to them at the time) leave a permanent mark in their writing process.
“I had written my phone number on the CD in blue ink,” drummer Tim Jarzabek says while taking a large drag of his almost finished joint. “We always carried CD’s with us but no one ever called. I really didn’t think Bono would listen to it.” But he did listen to it. He even personally called the number Jarzabek had written on the disc.

“It was Father’s Day and we had just driven two hours to Palm Springs when a 310 number came up on Tim’s phone. Brother and vocalist Nick Jarzabek explains. “Tim said sarcastically ‘”Oh, I bet it’s Bono”‘ and to our surprise it was.
After critiquing the Jarzabek brothers music Bono suggested they change their band name from No Cover to just No.

“He said it would look good on a t-shirt” keyboard player Mike Jarzabek continues. “So we took his advice and a month later got our own television show on FOX. The show Jarzabek is referring to is the hit show ‘Mobbed’ with Howie Mandel which pulled 10 million viewers and is currently airing worldwide. NO performed Meet Me After Dark on their one hour show which features surprise guests Art Alexakis of Everclear and rapper Ace Hood. “We’re very greatful for everything Bono did for us especially the advice on continuing to travel” Nick says. I’ll be in Cuba for the rest of January recording vocals for our new album “Lifeline”; I think it stands out and makes the album different then just recording at another studio in L.A.” Get in touch with the band NO on Twitter @Followno and . Lifeline is available in stores nationwide.

The band NO is:
Nick Jarzabek – Vocals/Guitar
Mike Jarzabek – Piano/Keys
Tim Jarzabek – Drums
Justin Corman Jarzabek – Bass/Vocals


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