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William H. Macy Calls Eminem a “Clever Lad,” & Explains Relation to Macy’s Store Franchise

The new series of Shameless premiered last night (Sunday, January 12) on Showtime, and this morning William Macy stopped by to talk about it, and more.

He explained to us that the show is originally a British series and it took 10 years to finally get it aired in the United States.

Macy also gave us his thoughts on hip hop. “Eminem is a clever lad,” he tells us on Sway in the Morning. But overall, he’s more interested in melodies, than raps — and has a fascination for the 4-stringed instrument, the ukulele.

Did you know that William Macy is related to the Macy department store franchise? Watch above as he elaborates.

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