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Life Train from Noah Pine Is A Powerful EP

Musician, songwriter and performer Noah Pine released his newest EP, Life Train, with only five songs but what an exquisite, no holds barred powerhouse!

The title song toggles from introspective verse to justified stance against status quo conformity. “life is the train not the station. will power requires patience, believe you will, win the light falls on the stranger, there is unity.
im leaving this place. you ain’t gonna dig my grave, cause im leaving right now

Nobody Talks Anymore is the artist as priest of our culture – observing and caring about how in this super information highway age we are still missing that one to one connection.

Misty Girl is a shimmery pop non-apologetic dance tune. Hey, it’s fun!

At the age of 18 Pine was touring as the opener for Maroon 5 and Gavin DeGraw, and his studio work provenance includes Nico Constantine and Ed Roland among others. His style, technique and knowledge horizon crosses generations of master artists yet he organically intertwines melodic phrases soul wrapping the listener with heart and soul reminiscent of early Shuggie Otis, Elton John and very early Hall & Oates. Each song takes the liberty of touching the audience in that place of dreams, concerns, anxieties and desires.

You can learn more about Noah Pine by visiting his website at, where you can find out where he is playing next and read his latest press. Get Life Train on Amazon, iTunes, or SoundCloud. Follow Noah on his website, on, or on Twitter @noahsoulpine.

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