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She’s Alone – Just One Night [Alternative, Metal]

Location: Spain

A word from the artist: She’s Alone is a unprecedented rock band framed in a style that goes from the strongest metal through electronica untill the most penetrating melodies, but always with one thing in common: The passion and emotion in its most raw.

Instrumentally opt for innovation in sounds and that’s why they incorporate a versatile instrument and “unknown” for many as the venezuelan cuatro.

The idea of “She ‘s Alone ” emerges as in many cases from the concerns of an amateur musician. In 2005 in San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela was when Abraham Sarache (Vocalist and Cuatrista) decided to record his first demo in a home studio with Dario Palace (Guitarist) as a sound engineer , who at that time was not part of the project.

After two years without finding any members for the group, Abraham begins to play with Erika Ramos (Ex- Guitarist) at the royal street of A Coruña in 2007. During that summer they got a very positive response from the galician public, getting the attention of local newspapers such as “La Voz de Galicia” and the publication of a documentary about street musicians, apart from playing in various nigth clubs around the city.

In November 2007, Erika and Abraham decided to renew the project “She’s Alone” and started looking for musicians, then Adrian Lopez (Bass) appeared adding solid riffs to the band.

In 2008 they begin to play the entire Coruña Area, at college parties, venues and night clubs, in which we highlight : La Diablita,, Inox, Suite, Green (Actual Moom), Abbey Road, PKL Arteixo, Etnika ‘s, Joana ‘s Place, El Bohemio.

Despite spending a long time without a drummer or intermittent periods with or without him, the band never stopped producing music and in 2010 released their demo ” Dark Days”.

In October 2010 Erika left the band and comes Dario Palacio (Actual guitarrist) to replace her in 2011, giving a more metalhead touch to the group.

In November 2011 She’s Alone began to record their first album “She’s Alone” that will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify on October 29th, 2013.

In May 2013 appears Xulian Varela (Drummer) through an old 2007 online “Drummer Wanted” ad.



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