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Phillip Noss – Keep This In [Americana, Rock]

Location: New York

A word from the artist: Following the tragic death of his father, Phillip secluded himself in his small one-room apartment in Boston to wait out the long New England winter. In the months of solitude, he began writing a collection of songs that would eventually become Lover on the Run – channeling all the accumulated grief and confusion into a self described “all or nothing” album. “Songwriting has always been a stabilizing force in my life and creating this album was simply a method of coping with losing someone so dear to me.”

Lover on the Run features a trilogy of music videos that dramatize the albums three singles linking them together into an arching storyline. The series portrays the development and ultimate demise of a couple’s love, ending tragically on the wintery streets of New York in the third installment. The first single “Keep this in” boasts a fierce driving pulse, rumbling guitars and a massive infectious hook. The visuals paint a portrait of the twenty-something’s burgeoning romance shot at various locations around Brooklyn including Luna Park and Rockaway beach.


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