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B-Lee – Madd City [Explicit, Hip Hop]

Location: Kentucky

A word from the artist: Berran Lee Evans, aka B-Lee, was born on November 11, 1993, in Mainz, Germany (U.S. Military). As the youngest in his family, he began writing rap lyrics & poetry at the very early age of seven. While his mother was sent to Iraq for active duty, he and his sister were sent to Atlanta, Georgia to live with their grandparents. After two years, with the return of his mother, the entire family was stationed to Fort Knox, Kentucky. Maturing with his surrounding peers; rapping was a daily routine in school, at home, and even during sports practice. Over time, Berran Lee and Zach Price (a childhood friend) created the group “HeatSquad” were they performed at several talent shows. Berran Lee then gave himself the stage name, “B-Lee.”

B-Lee’s passion for music digs deep from his upbringing, channeling the everyday struggle of a person into his music. As a military brat, life wasn’t as easy as many presumed. B-Lee used music to express life’s tribulation. As an outlet, there were always certain songs to describe the hardships being dealt with during a period of time. As B-Lee’s name began to spread around, Bread Boy Entertainment’s recording artist, Young Sweet, took notice. Impressed by the early aged teenager’s work ethic, he decided to take him under his wing as a mentor, giving advice to improve his image as a rapper. It wasn’t too soon after; the young lyricist caught the attention of Bread Boy Entertainment’s CEO (Damien “Texx” Woodard) & President (Calvin Baker).

On February 2012, B-Lee was signed to B.B.E. This deal gave him all the tools needed in order to grow his fan-base. B-Lee’s Debut Mixtape On Bread Boy Purple Hearted 3 with DJ Murph was released November 25 2012. This mixtape grabbed national attention, which lead to his Kymp Kamp nomination and Award for Rookie of the Year! After winning his award, B-Lee began homing his skills by creating his Face Book Friday campaign. Every Friday B-lee would rap over some of the hottest industry tracks that were circulating the cultures listeners. Although he was giving people something new a breath of fresh air. B-Lee’s fans were eager to hear something orginal once more. To no disappoint, the highly anticipated first single off B-Lee’s 1st new body of work “Year of The Younging” is being released on Black Friday November 29th 2013 and his Debut album is dropping in Early 2014. The young kid from Kentucky has sent on his long but promising journey to tell his story. This is just the beginning, just the beginning of a legend being created.

. “All dreams are possible, if you chase them long enough

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